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Kraft Paper

Kraft paper or paperboards are made out of chemical pulp. The raw materials generally used for making Kraft Paper are softwood or old corrugated cartons from the Kraft process. This paper is very strong and relatively coarse in nature. Due to its nature and physical strength, it is been majorly used and preferred for making corrugated carton boxes with heavy load bearing capacity. It is also used in other packaging industries around the world, as it can be easily recycled.

Uses of Kraft Paper

Corrugated Carton Box
Kraft Papers are the best sources for making 3 to 7 ply corrugated carton. The word itself is defined as "Strong"; the carton boxes made of this paper are capable of holding heavy products.
Interesting Fact: In the United States, out of all the shipments, 95% are packed using Corrugated boxes.

Protective Cover
The secondary application of Kraft Paper is "wrapping". It forms a protective hard cover over the product that protects them from getting damage. In many industries it is applied for packing, wrapping of individual/bundle items.
Interesting Fact: It is said that by wrapping fruits with Kraft Paper and into Kraft paper cartons, the freshness can be retained for a longer duration. Kraft Paper provides the right temperature, ventilation and moisture level during transportation.

Shopping Bag and Pouch
With the growing demand for an eco-friendly solution and alternative of plastics, Kraft Papers are now extensively been used for making shopping bags and carrying pouches. The paper can be easily destroyed and recycled, whereas plastic cannot be destroyed and/or recycled.

Plates, Glasses etc.
With regular development of production technologies and usage of a single article in multiple fields, a new area has been developed wherein paper plates & glasses are in demand for one-time use. Plastics and thermocol plates and glasses are facing a tough time with Kraft Paper coming in as a better alternative. For some creative people, Kraft Paper also acts as a playful instrument. They love to create something new out of it, as these papers are soft yet strong and can be easily transformed into the requirement.

Quality Control

An ISO 9001 certified company

Quality Test Pass

All raw materials coming into the production unit are strictly confirmed with the standard parameters. We never compromise on the quality of inputs we use for manufacturing Kraft Paper.

Continuous Improvement

With our systematic Continuous Quality Improvement processes, we review activities and identify improvement points.


Our finished products are on continuous scan by Quality Control System (QCS), which automatically controls the profile.

Random Sampling

Each and every roll undergoes a second round of random sampling. The QC Lab is fully equipped with machine and tools of the latest technology.

OD Protector

OD Protector / Edge Guard is used for protecting the corners of paper reel from getting damaged while goods are in transit. Even during the time of manual unloading, it helps the top layers of paper from getting loosened.

Periodic Maintenance

Paper, Pulp & Boiler machines are inspected and maintained by our Qualified Team on regular intervals. This helps us to ascertain the actual performance and also to increase the life span of machineries with consistent performance.

Environment Policy

To save nature from any kind of pollution, we have our manufacturing plant featured with "Zero Discharge" of treated water. With the growing demand of our needs, the environment is getting affected on a regular basis. We, as a company, follow environment / pollution control policy framed by the Government of India. As a resident of this world and part of nature, we take some small steps like plantation of trees, recycling of other waste paper in our mill, keeping our vicinity clean.

We are already installed with water treatment plant and waste management system to protect the environment and nearby living population to our plant.