About us.

Who We Are

Pinax Paper Mill is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly manufacturers of Kraft / Medium Paper in India. Our papers are completely Recycled / Waste-Based, and to offer our buyer with the best quality, we use the best indigenous and imported waste paper and / or corrugated cartons like OCC, DS OCC, DLK etc. With global business standards and quality products, we are growing stronger since the past 10 years, and going ahead to the future, we are targeting high to achieve a significant position in the paper manufacturing industry of the world. Our state-of-the-art facility is situated in Durgapur, West Bengal; with a full utilized capacity of 140 MT approx. production per day, with a 24 hours * 365 days running infrastructure during 3 shifts per day.

Our Motto



To create significance for society and establish ourselves as a leading manufacturer of the highest quality products with regular innovation and exploration in Indian and Global Markets.



Creating and encouraging a successful enterprise based on the fundamentals of eco-friendly production, using recycled raw materials and an adequate approach to consumption. Evolving and escalating Pinax Paper Mills through motivation and dignity in our work and obeying faithfully each and every ethical standard while sustaining our central beliefs.



Commitment to Consistency

Belief in Team

Innovate to Explore More

Deliver Confidence

Quality Policy

Quality control is a 24*7-hour play and the Company stands for its quality production and quality service. It is of prime importance and “Zero Tolerance” policy is followed when the quality comes to talk. For regular production and raw material procurement, we follow our own Quality Assurance System and Programme. A series of tests is followed in steps to ensure the standard and quality raw of the material used.

For finished products, we have a Quality Check Lab to conduct random sampling during the production and also the final product of each and every reel. A record of all the production is well maintained for future references.